Humanitarian workshops

Humanitarian Workshop Series

A series of three-day workshops have been organised for operation-level humanitarian professionals and diaspora representatives in order to strengthen the capacity of diaspora and humanitarian professionals to coordinate with each other within the humanitarian systems in a manner that improves overall response to the needs of affected populations.


The workshops took place in the following locations:

Due to the wide variety of humanitarian organizations, expertise, and relationships involved in any large emergency response, confusion and duplication of efforts cause real problems, and weaken response efforts. The humanitarian workshops were designed to address these challenges by equipping diaspora actors and humanitarian workers with a common understanding of the international coordination system and helping participants identify where they could better inter-operate with each other for a more effective humanitarian response.

Through presentations, case studies, interactive activities, and group dialogue, participants gained familiarity with the thematics :

  • Humanitarian principles, ethics & volunteerism,
  • Humanitarian systems and coordination mechanisms,
  • Use of social media in humanitarian crisis,
  • Imaging and fundraising in humanitarian crisis,
  • Advocacy within the conventional humanitarian system,
  • Identify what could ensure a better coordination between diaspora groups and the conventional actors within the humanitarian system.

The series of 3-day in-person workshops was provided free of charge to all selected participants.