DEMAC Advisory Board

Terms of Reference

The DEMAC Advisory Board consists of a permanent group of representatives from the conventional humanitarian systems and diaspora actors.


The members are following DEMAC project progress and activities, and discussing project findings with regard to relevance and validity at policy level. Recommendations from Advisory Board meetings are informing further programming and ensuring relevance of activities in pursuit of the project goal: to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian response at crises onset through improved communication, coordination and coherence between conventional and diaspora-led humanitarian action.


The DEMAC’s Advisory Board is designed to provide strategic guidance and expertise to the project and serve as its sounding board. The Advisory Board had a particular role during the project’s initial period by assisting to promote and provide strategic direction for its development and activities.

Meetings and Frequency

The Board is meeting three times in Geneva from November 2015 until October 2016.

The three Advisory Board meetings are reviewing progress and addressing strategic questions. If needed, the Advisory Board may also hold one or more additional conference calls at other times of the year, as particular issues develop. Advisory board members are expected to attend in at least two of these three meetings. Responsibility for program implementation lies with the project staff that will operationalize and reflect the views and recommendations of the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board members’ responsibilities

  1. Serve as advisors and ambassadors to DEMAC’s mission and objectives.
  2. Track activities and developments of the DEMAC project through participation in conference calls and information updates.
  3. Participate in at least two Advisory Board meetings.
  4. Assist in advancing the DEMAC goals and mission through public speaking, and outreach to contact networks.
  5. Engage in a reflective, self-evaluative process to improve Advisory Board effectiveness.

Advisory Board Members

10-13 members
The Advisory Board includes representatives of INGOs, NGOs, diaspora organisations, and academics in the humanitarian field.
Staff Attendance
Min. 3 representatives of the consortium (DRC, AFFORD, Berghof Foundation) are present at the Advisory Board.

Terms and Selection

Advisory Board members serve in their individual capacity for a fixed term of 11 months until the end of October 2016. A quorum of four members must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct the Advisory Board.

The consortium strives to have ten to thirteen members on its global Advisory Board that represent the project’s key constituencies. They are invited to the Advisory Board according to their experiences and capacities in coordination, technical and humanitarian expertise at policy, advocacy and donor level, yet they serve on the Advisory Board in their individual capacity. The consortium leaves open the possibility to appoint new members to the Advisory Board if positions become vacant.

Advisory Board Meeting- 11 January 2016


Advisory Board Meeting- 16 June 2016