DEMAC Community Workshops

A key part of the DEMAC project is to share the information and learning that comes out of the various activities that take place and are contributed too. Ensuring the learning of those who take part in DEMAC activities are able to share the learning with others in their organisations, networks and communities.

These events will be taking place in Denmark, Germany and London, to find out more please see the reports and links that will feature on this page.

Somali Community Workshops

The first community workshop was organised in Copenhagen on 21 May 2016 for the Somali diaspora organisations engaged in humanitarian activities to share the outcomes of the two first international DEMAC workshops to provide space to identify common ground for cooperation and interoperability for a more effective humanitarian response .


26 representatives of Somali diaspora organisations based in Denmark attended the community Workshop in Copenhagen. First part of the workshop focused on humanitarian principles. Participants worked on dilemma cases as groups and presented their group work in plenary. The ‘good enough’ guide book from ALNAP was introduced for rapid assessment during crises. Information sharing and management were broadly discussed. Several successful Sierra Leonean diaspora projects and their network during Ebola outbreak were presented.

Report of the first Somali community workshop

The second community workshop was organised in Copenhagen on 30 July 2016 with 29 representatives of Somali diaspora organisations engaged in humanitarian activities. They shared knowledge and information about Safety and Security management in complex environments.


Report of the second Somali community workshop

First Sierra Leonean Community Event

The DEMAC Sierra Leone community event in partnership with Afford Business Centre (ABC) took place on Friday 8th July 2016 in London entitled ‘Sierra Leone’s Recovery and the Role of the Diaspora’. This was a very successful and insightful event, which brought together 42 participants with diverse experiences and views on the contribution of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora during the Ebola outbreak, as well as the business dimension on how the crisis impacted diaspora investment.


The event focused on the Sierra Leonean Diaspora on the key areas below:
• Assistance provided by the diaspora in time of crisis
• What was and can be achieved when Sierra Leoneans in the UK work together for a common goal
• Learnings from the DEMAC project from the research report and from participants experience
• Strategies to leverage diaspora contributions to ongoing recovery efforts
• Broaden understanding of the role of the diaspora in humanitarian disaster preparedness, response and coordination.
• Sharing key findings and recommendations of the impact of Ebola on business

Report of the first Sierra Leone community event


The second community workshop was organised in London on 30 September 2016, entitled ' Humanitarian Action and Coordination in the Diaspora'. The event was successful, with 36 participants in attendance and achieving its primary objectives of;
• Engagement with Syrian, Somalian and Sierra Leonean diaspora actors;
• Encouraging knowledge sharing for better humanitarian response coordination; and
• Formalising a more structured response to crisis in their countries of origin/heritage.
Among the speakers were diaspora members who have responded in different ways to the Ebola crisis, sharing their experiences during the health crisis, and the lessons learned from DEMAC and the Syrian and Somali diaspora. Through a series of lively group activities and by engaging in dialogue, attendees identified relevant challenges and shared best practice techniques for diaspora mobilisation during crises.

Report of the second Sierra Leone community event

Syrian Community Workshop in Berlin

Berghof Foundation organized the third community workshop entitled ‘Humanitarian Aid in Syria and the Role of the Diaspora’on the 6th and 7th of August 2016 in Berlin.
The workshop targeted the Syrian humanitarian diaspora organizations in Germany and had three main aims:
• Enhancing the understanding about coordination mechanisms, methods and procedures of the existing emergency responses mechanism of the international humanitarian system and diaspora networks in Syria.
• Identifying concrete steps to improve communication and coordination between the Syrian diaspora and actors of the institutional humanitarian system.
• Discussing the principles and challenges facing the formation of partnership between the local and international actors.


14 representatives of Syrian diaspora organizations based in Germany attended the workshop and the participants presented their work and experience in different sessions. Read the report of the workshop here.

Report of the Syrian community event
Report of the Syrian community event, Arabic