DEMAC Advisory Board

15.01.2016 The first DEMAC Advisory Board will be organised on 11 January 2015 in Geneva


The results of the DEMAC research study report exploring the Sierra Leonean, Somali and Syrian diasporas’ engagement in current humanitarian interventions in countries of origin and/or neighbouring countries will be presented at the first DEMAC Advisory Board on 11 January 2016.

Objective of the DEMAC Advisory Board
The members will follow DEMAC project progress and activities, and discuss project findings with regard to relevance and validity at policy level. Recommendations from Advisory Board meetings will inform further programming and ensure relevance of activities in pursuit of the project goal: to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian response at crises onset through improved communication, coordination and coherence between conventional and diaspora-led humanitarian action.

Purpose of the DEMAC Advisory Board
The DEMAC’s Advisory Board is designed to provide strategic guidance and expertise to the project and serve as its sounding board. The Advisory Board will have a particular role during the project’s initial period by assisting to promote and provide strategic direction for its development and activities.