Building on expertise gained since 2015, the Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination (DEMAC) platform will further consolidate DEMAC as a permanent platform – a one-stop-shop – for enhancing mutual knowledge and coordination between diaspora humanitarian actors and the international humanitarian system. In 2020-2022 DEMAC will:


Provide insight into current modalities of diaspora humanitarian interventions;


Conduct a series of workshops for diaspora organisations and institutional aid actors to address identified gaps in knowledge and capacity regarding principles, systems and mechanisms that govern provision of aid on both sides;


Develop recommendations, resources and tools on means and methods for improved operational and strategic communication and cooperation between diasporas and institutional actors.

Through the development of a standardized approach for the international humanitarian system to assess /document the role and impact of diaspora in selected emergency responses, DEMAC will enhance the knowledge and awareness of the nature and significance of the diaspora followed by facilitation of internal discussions on how the system could / should relate to and coordinate with diaspora emergency actors.

Furthermore, DEMAC will use the documentation from selected diaspora emergency responses to engage with diaspora humanitarian actors to enhance the generation of lessons learned / self-reflections from diaspora-led emergency responses with a view to adjust their approach and discuss how to engage with the international humanitarian system.

Based on above and its already existing knowledge and expertise, DEMAC will develop guidelines, tools and resources in support of diaspora emergency engagement, with a view to remain prepared to support diaspora organizations engagement in new emergency responses and facilitate coordination with the humanitarian system.

Finally, DEMAC will enhance the knowledge among diaspora organizations about the humanitarian system to enhance probabilities of coordination between the two.

DEMAC will at any point in time work with three emergency-prone focus countries while at the same time remaining prepared to engage with and support diaspora from up to two additional countries should a humanitarian crisis unfold in their country of origin.

DEMAC’s Advisory Group function will continue, consisting of diaspora representatives and international humanitarian organizations / donors (USAID) will be appointed to guide and support the continuation of DEMAC.

To ensure effective and meaningful outreach to diaspora organizations engaged in emergency response, DEMAC will always seek collaboration with other relevant actors/organizations that work with diaspora engagement in relevant geographies.


Funded by the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA, USAID)