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WHY SHOULD I BECOME A MENTOR for a humanitarian diaspora or local organisation ?

There are many reasons to become a mentor. Perhaps you witness the humanitarian crisis in your home country and don’t know how to help? Perhaps you work for a professional diaspora organization that has lot of experience to offer for smaller grassroots organization inside the country? The mentorship initiative is an easy way to support humanitarian efforts in your country of origin, get to know interesting initiatives and organisations and deepen your knowledge on the situation on the ground.

The Role of the Mentor

  • Talk on the phone to get to know one another.
  • Identify what the mentee wants to focus on and why it is important to them and the context they work in.
  • Create a safe, supportive environment that produces on-going mutual respect.
  • Observe, listen and ask questions to understand the individual’s situation.
  • Use questioning techniques to provoke the mentees’ thinking.
  • Move between the big picture of the goals and the details.
  • Move forward by setting goals and solving problems together
  • Creatively apply various tools and techniques to match the need of the mentee.
  • Use feedback to improve the interaction with the mentee.
  • Support the mentee to establish appropriate milestones to see progress in relation to the overall goals.
  • Keep the individual accountable for what they say they are going to do, for the results of an intended action, or for a specific plan with related time frames.

Minimum terms & conditions:

  • Give at least 24 hours’ notice if unable to attend a face-to-face or virtual mentoring session.

  • Give at least 1 week notice in case you do not wish to continue the mentorship. Share your reasons in written if you want to end/leave/postpone/extend the mentorship programme with your mentee, and inform DEMAC.

Become a mentor to support humanitarian interventions in your country of origin

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