A Missing Link? Diaspora’s Place in an Enhanced International Humanitarian System

10.10.2016 DEMAC Conference, Copenhagen, 3 Oct 2016

This conference on diaspora’s place in humanitarian action was part of Phase I of the DEMAC (Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination) project, funded mainly by the EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (June 2015 until October 2016). Convened by the DEMAC consortium, the conference brought together EU and international representatives from government, civil society, diaspora organisations, humanitarian organisations, and research institutes to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to diaspora humanitarianism. Case studies from multiple contexts and reflections on the overall issue of a more inclusive humanitarian system were presented during a series of keynote speeches, plenary sessions and panel discussions.

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Welcome and Housekeeping

Opening Remarks | Andreas Kamm

Opening Remarks | Morten Jespersen

Opening Remarks | Emil Bech Andersen

Key Note | Dr. Hany El-Banna

Key Note | Smruti Patel

Q&A Opening Remarks

Session 1 | Presenting Examples of Diaspora Humanitarianism

Session 2 | Findings and Recommendations

Session 3 | Diaspora Humanitarianism transnational ways of working

Session 4 pt.1 | Challenges in Coordinating an Enhanced Response

Session 4 pt. 2 | Challenges in Coordinating an Enhanced Response

Session 5 | Exploring Spaces for Collaboration - the Way Ahead

Closing Remarks