DEMAC is pleased to announce the official launch of the phase II of the ECHO funded project DEMAC


Drawing on key findings from DEMAC Phase I and the recommendations from the WHS consultation process, DEMAC II will focus on targeting diaspora organisations engaged in Nigeria, Somalia and Syria. Main actions contributing to improved communication, coordination and coherence between institutional and diaspora responses will include:

Advocacy and Knowledge Management

Undertaking evaluation of diaspora initiatives’ capacities and interventions, their networks and linkages with the formal humanitarian sector, local partners and affected communities.

Capacity Building

Building technical and operational capacity of diaspora actors and their local partners, and formal humanitarian actors awareness and collaboration capacity.


Fostering links between diaspora actors, existing local and regional institutions/governments and international coordination mechanisms, as well as improving data sharing to facilitate information exchange.

DEMAC Objective

By evaluating, coordinating/facilitating and optimizing the capacity of Nigerian, Syrian and Somali diaspora organisations it is expected that DEMAC II will contribute with knowledge to the humanitarian aid organisations operating in these countries, thereby adding to the further enhancement of humanitarian aid responses and actors to the benefit of affected populations.