Diaspora survey


DEMAC Surveys for diasporas engaged in humanitarian interventions in their country of origin/country of heritage.

In order to get a better understanding of the Somali, Syrian and Sierra Leonean diasporas engagement in humanitarian response the DEMAC project is launching 3 online questionnaires.

The surveys are open to the Somali diaspora living in Scandinavia, the Syrian diaspora living in Germany and the Sierra Leonean diaspora living in UK engaged in emergency relief or humanitarian aid in their country of origin/country of heritage or and its neighbouring countries.

The surveys are anonymous and takes 5-10 minutes to fill out. The results will be used in the DEMAC research study report.


Online questionnaires

Sierra Leonean diaspora in UK
Sierra Leonean questionnaire in English

Somali diaspora in Scandinavia
Somali questionnaire in English

Syrian diaspora in Germany
Syrian questionnaire in English
Syrian questionnaire in German
Syrian questionnaire in Arab