Survey on capacity building needs


DEMAC is in the process of creating an e-learning tool for diaspora humanitarians which will be available on Kaya platform

The findings of DEMAC pointed towards further need for technical and operational capacity building for diaspora organizations to be able to engage in equitable partnerships with institutional humanitarian actors see: full report.

The identified needs include, amongst others, training in core humanitarian principles, on technical and operational skills as well as on advocacy, relationship-building and resource mobilization.

The proposed E-Learning target diaspora organizations that require tailor-made technical and operational trainings to improve their interventions effectiveness and enable them to establish further cooperation with formal humanitarian actors. DEMAC intends to support peer-to-peer learning, so diaspora organizations can learn from those diaspora organisations with higher capacity and longer-term experience. In order to increase outreach and sustainability, developed training programmes will be available online. We also hope that the training will enable the diaspora organisations to train their local partners where needed.

If there are any diaspora organisations who would like to help in the development of the e-learning through completing our short survey: short survey or taking part in the reviewing phase please contact