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NEW DEMAC REPORT: “Creating Opportunities To Work With Diasporas In Humanitarian Settings”


This study reviews the work of six Diaspora organisations (DOs) in Syria and Somalia, when emergency and early recovery responses are needed as a result of droughts, terror attacks or active conflict. It provides a critical analysis and a case study approach to advance the understanding of Diaspora organisations’ contributions in humanitarian settings.

Read the DEMAC Report published in May 2018
Report findings Presentation published in August 2018



DEMAC in partnership with the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) Child Protection Area of Responsibility held the seminar “Diasporas in Humanitarian Settings – Creating Opportunities for Complementary Action” on 20 August 2018 at UNICEF premises in Geneva. This seminar brought thirty humanitarians together to learn and discuss the findings from the latest DEMAC research report.

Seminar Outcomes - September 2018
Opportunities for Collaboration - Coordination Groups and Diaspora - September 2018

(*)The document "Opportunities for Collaboration - Coordination Groups and Diaspora" was co-produced with the Global Protection Cluster Child Protection Area of Responsability, and shared with the Global Protection Cluster, WASH Cluster, Global Education Cluster, Global Nutrition Cluster to improve coordination with diaspora responders.

DEMAC Report: Diaspora Drought Response - Somaliland and Puntland


This report provides findings on the Somali diaspora response to the regional drought/crisis that affected Somaliland and Puntland in early 2016. The report includes a broad mapping exercise and discussion of responses from the European diaspora, as well as an overview and some more detailed case studies of actual responses in Somaliland and Puntland.
Diaspora Drought Response - Somaliland and Puntland published in March 2017

DEMAC Research Reports


This DEMAC research report outlines the basic features of formalized collective interventions by Sierra Leonean, Somali and Syrian diaspora-based relief organisations and initiatives based in the UK, Denmark and Germany, respectively, by elucidating their responses to the humanitarian crises in their countries of origin/heritage and neighbouring countries.
DEMAC Report "Diaspora Humanitarianism - Transnational Ways of Working" published in March 2016

DEMAC Findings & Checklist


This final Report and Handbook presents the data and findings of DEMAC. It includes operational recommendations for diaspora, donors and institutional actors to improve mutual coordination, based on these findings.
DEMAC Report "Diaspora Humanitarianism: Findings of the Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination Project" Published December 2016
Checklist: "Engaging Diasporas for Emergency Action and Coordination" Published December 2016

DEMAC Conference Report


The conference on diaspora’s place in humanitarian action on 3 October 2016 brought together EU and international representatives from government, civil society, diaspora organisations, humanitarian organisations, research institutes to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to diaspora humanitarianism. Case studies from multiple contexts & reflections on the overall issue of a more inclusive humanitarian system were presented during a series of keynote speeches, plenary sessions and panel discussions.
DEMAC Report "A Missing Link? Diaspora's Place In An Enhanced International Humanitarian System" published in October 2016