Diaspora at the World Humanitarian Summit


Diaspora representatives at the World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul, 23-24 May 2016


At the Summit, participants who spoke were Dr. Zedoun from the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM), Ade Daramy from Sierra Leone UK Diaspora Ebola taskforce (SLUKDERT), Elvina Quaison from the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), Trudy Morgan from Sierra Leone Welfare Trust (SLWT) and Bashair Ahmed from Shabaka who also contributed an invited intervention at the Special Session on People at the Centre.

Other members of the DEMAC delegation included Lul Seyoum (ICREAS), Elizabeth Conteh (TOSHPA), Abdulkadir Gaal (SSPDO), Deeqa Said (Danish Human Appeal), Abdikafi Isak (Somali Development Network (SDN)), Yassin Osoble (OFRÓSOM), Abdelaziz Ramadan (UKSSD e. V), Rola Hallam (Hand in Hand for Syria), Christina Abraham (Syrian Forum), Georgina Awooner-Gorden (SLDN).

Diaspora Joint Commitments Statement

Resulting from discussions during the pre-Summit session hosted by DEMAC, Diaspora organisations came together and with the facilitation assistance of DEMAC created a Diaspora Commitments paper which was circulated before the WHS and attracted 51 signatures. This has provided a concrete document that diaspora organisations will be looking at to inform and enhance their work.

Joint Diaspora Commitments Statement

Diaspora video statements at the WHS Global Consultation in Geneva, October 2016

Ade Daramy, Sierra Leonean diaspora representative, reminded the international humanitarian community of the added value that diaspora inclusion can contribute to humanitarian response, while recognizing that diaspora organisations are complementary to other actors and modalities of assistance and cooperation.


Click on the picture to watch the video : Ade Daramy speaking at the WHS Global Consultation in Geneva on 16/10/2015
Copy of the speech

Video statement of Deeka Abdi Said, Somali diaspora representative, at the WHS Global Consultation in Geneva

Video statement by Christina Abraham, Abdulaziz Ramadan, Rasem Alatassi, Syrian diaspora representatives, at the WHS Global Consultation

Diaspora position paper submitted during the WHS Global Consultation in July 2015

Participants from Syrian, Somali and Sierra Leonean diaspora communities and relief organisations contributed to a joint position paper on humanitarian effectiveness for the World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation .

The position paper provides an overview over current debates on diaspora-based emergency relief and entails recommendations to the World Humanitarian Summit.

The WHS recommendations by Somali, Sierra Leonean and Syrian diaspora-based humanitarian organisations :

Diaspora recommendations