Webinar Covid-19 Response: Communicating with Communities


As a diaspora member, your role can be essential in the fight against the coronavirus: through your communication with your communities of origin, you can contribute by disseminating reliable and culturally appropriate information on how to prevent the spread of the virus. YOUR COMMUNICATION MATTERS, IT CAN SAVE MANY LIVES

The objective of this webinar was to discuss and share knowledge and experience on relevant efforts to communicate with your communities in your country of origin in order to prepare, prevent, protect, and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

PRESENTATIONS WEBINAR Covid-19 Response: Communicating with Communities 30 March 2020

Webinar Presentation

Video recording of the Webinar


  1. Communication with Communities is Aid: Stijn Aelbers, Senior Humanitarian Advisor for Internews in Myanmar

    Presentation Internews

  2. Sharing the right information with your community to prevent and fight coronavirus: Martha Scherzer, Global Health Communication Consultant, World Health Organization

    Presentation WHO

  3. What communication was effective during the Ebola response: Ade Daramy, Chairman of the Sierra Leone UK Diaspora Response Taskforce

    Video recording of the Webinar
    What Might Africa Teach the World? Covid-19 and Ebola Virus Disease Compared

  4. Importance of Protection during the coronavirus response: Selena Kozakijevic, DRC Protection Manager in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Presentation Protection DRC

Video recording of the Webinar