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Diaspora organizations have been at the forefront of delivering aid and assistance into Syria and are still today important actors when it comes to the distribution of aid in hard to reach areas. However, their coordination with local Syrian organizations as well as with the formal humanitarian system varies: whereas some are closely embedded in coordination structures, others provide assistance in parallel to other local and international organizations. The relationship between diaspora and local organizations is competitive in some cases, leading to tension and separation instead of complementary. Therefore DEMAC has been working together with the Syrian NGO Alliance to establish a dedicated Diaspora Focal Point to build partnerships and connect with diaspora organisations to enhance humanitarian coordination among all relevant stakeholders, including government and cluster/sector coordination structures

The Diaspora Focal Point plays a critical role in functioning as an entry point and building relations between the diaspora humanitarians and existing local and regional institutions, actors and coordination mechanisms in Gaziantep. DEMAC is working closely with the Diaspora Focal Point and provides support when needed.

Syrian Diaspora Focal Point
Syrian NGO Alliance


There are several hundred Syrian NGOs as well as international humanitarian organisations present in Turkey providing cross-border aid into Syria. In order to coordinate activities among each other a range of networks, platforms and other coordination mechanisms have been established. From the outside it is often difficult to identify them and understand their exact services and differences. Bearing in mind that the following list is by no means exhausted; this paper provides a first overview of some of biggest humanitarian coordination mechanisms as well as some practical information about them. This paper should not be read as a recommendation for diaspora organisations to become part of these structures, but it aims to support informed decision-making and provide orientation in a complex humanitarian landscape.

The document can be downloaded in English or Arabic from below:

Humanitarian Coordination Structures in Turkey - English
Humanitarian Coordination Structures in Turkey - Arabic

OCHA Website for Syria
OCHA, under the leadership of the respective Humanitarian Coordinators, manages four Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) for the Syria crisis from Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The CBPFs in the region have been designed to support and align a comprehensive response to the Syria crisis by expanding the delivery of humanitarian assistance, increasing humanitarian access, and strengthening partnerships with local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Information from Humanitarian Response

DEMAC Workshop with Syrian Diaspora in Berlin November 2017

On 25th of November, DEMAC organised a workshop for Syrian diaspora humanitarians to exchange views and assessments of the most pressing developments and trends in Syria and the neighboring countries. The workshop set out to look at questions such as: Is the Syrian diaspora positioned and prepared appropriately to address these trends and challenges? What kind of support is needed in terms of networks, coordination and organizational capacity to deal with them? And to provide space to explore other areas of import to Syrian diaspora humanitarians.
The workshop report can be found below:
DEMAC Workshop in Berlin 25.11.2017-English