Diaspora Humanitarian Training Course

06 February 2023

Are you new in the humanitarian sector or do you want to improve your humanitarian knowledge in an easy and accessible way? And are you engaged with a diaspora organization?


Then this course is just for you!


DEMAC has designed this course in cooperation with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy for diaspora responders as well as project managers, managers, volunteers, local responders and anyone wanting entry level insight into the humanitarian sector.


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How will you benefit from the training?

This course has been made in response to frustrations, questions and development assistance requests from diaspora organizations and their local partners. The training will provide you with


  • Simple breakdown of the humanitarian principles
  • Responses to the challenges diaspora face following humanitarian principles
  • Increased knowledge in advocacy tools
  • Steps to contribute to policy development
  • What donors are looking for when funding projects
  • Information for effective fundraising
  • Recording the work you do to become a tool for partnerships and funding
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills that apply to your project


It will therefore cover all relevant areas of humanitarian response, such as The Humanitarian Principles, Needs Assessments, Safety & Security, Accountability & Transparency, Organizational Development, Advocacy and Policy, Project Development, Bid Writing, Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Risk Management and Corruption.


How long does the training take?

The course is made up of three modules which will take 125 minutes in total (extra time may be taken to complete activities in a supporting workbook).


What does it cost?

Good news: This course is free and you even will be able to download a certificate once you have completed all modules.


In which language is the course available?

In English and Arabic


Photo Credit: Annie Spratt on unsplash.com

DEMAC - Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination
DEMAC - Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination

DEMAC is a global initiative aiming at enhancing mutual knowledge and coordination, communication and coherence between diaspora humanitarian actors and the institutional humanitarian system.

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